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Sparsh [2010]
2011-04-17, 7:33 PM

Sparsh [2010]

Original Release Date : January 15, 2010

Music Director : Udya Abhijit

Lyricists : Sunita Rajnish Mulkalvar

Singers : Mandar Aapate, Sadhana Sargam, Javed Ali, Suresh Wadkar, Neha Rajpal

Label : Krunal Music

Copyright : © 2010 Krunal Entertainment


01.Syamvarn Megh Aaj [Mandar Aapate] Download

02.Baras Pavasa Bedundh [Sadhana Sargam] Download

03.Ashi Aekantat Ubhi Olya Chimb [Javed Ali] Download

04.Mad Mast Naar Manmohini [Javed Ali] Download

05.Pornimecha Shubhra Chandra [Suresh Wadkar] Download

06.Yere Priya Yere Priya [Neha Rajpal] Download

07.Priya Sajana Priya Sajana [Neha Rajpal] Download

08.Aabhas Tuza Aabhas Tuza [Javed Ali] Download


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1 Raj Ausekar  
Aabhas Tuza Aabhas Tuza Nice song sung by Javed Ali
song is hart touching...

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