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Rajmata Jijau [2011]
2011-05-22, 9:32 AM


01.Bhagvya Zendyachya Sausarala [Shankar Mahadevan & Chorus] Download

02.Dhar Sonyacha Nangar Haati [Suresh Wadkar - Chorus] Download

03.Ha Aala Shivaji Raja [Nandesh Umap - Chorus] Download

04.Jai Jijau Edited [Kailash Kher - Chorus] Download

05.Jai Jijau Full Track [Kailash Kher - Chorus] Download


Category: Marathi Movie Songs | Added by: hiten | Tags: movies, 2011, Marathi, Songs
Views: 43778 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 19 | Rating: 2.2/22
Total comments: 18
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7 bunty patil  
I like This my MARATHI Song Site Thanks

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6 Amol Sadaphule  
thank U very very much for upload marathi songs on this site

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very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Sagar  
ya really for marthi musics this is a good start by u my dear friend....... keep it up............

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4 hiten  
Thankss........ smile

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1 PraWin  
Thank you very much! Keep this up cause it is probably the last web giving quality downloads. Salute to you all!

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2 hiten  
Thanks Pravin...... smile

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